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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday the 23rd

Here is a cute turkey I did today! This is a Nobbie Neez Kids turkey.

I can't believe it's almost October!! It is still hot and muggy (no rain today, but extremely hot and muggy) here in central AL! I've just listed this cross design - very simple. I have another patch to list as soon as I get a chance to sew it out. Jeff named it a "petal patch" so there is your hint! We have SO MANY designs lined up to do (Christmas and other), but with soccer games, etc. etc. we're just trying to find the time to do them! Plus my "production schedule" is 8 things a day (yikes!!) so we're covered up in embroidery!! It's hard to believe a few years ago I was sitting behind a desk probably surfing the web, taking 2 hour lunches, earning a real salary, working 4 days a week 8:30/9 - 4:30ish while my kids were at school. I thought that was so hard!! HA!
M went back to school today after a battle with a cold. G didn't go to school today - he had fever by the time we got home from dinner last night. Fine today and no other symptoms. Hopefully they will all go Friday! I'm hanging in there with just a sniffle or two due to the ragweed Jeff says. Every time I walk outside my nose goes crazy!
I will hopefully post the other design later today!

1 comment:

Kay Bagley said...

Hurry with the new designs! Can't wait! (Like I have the time for them, haha)