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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a few things...

I redid my square patch pic today for the website in vintage. Here is a pic!
And... a picture of Garrison's diamond patch shirt (and K, yes I got the shirt a while back at Chantilly Walmart - you might try Atl Hwy WM or Old Navy has great tees - not sure if they have royal blue though). Anyway, I thought this was cute. Am I allowed to say it looks a bit like Superman?? The Cheri applique alphabet is from and is a $3 alphabet - can't beat that.
This is my work shelf which is OOC! I've got to get together some sort of system, calendar, production schedule or SOMETHING! If not I may go crazy by Christmas! I appreciate all of the business, but just need to get ORGANIZED!! I quit work so I didn't have to be on a strict schedule and so I could enjoy my kids. I think that's why I am leary of a strict work schedule for monogramming, but there is a happy medium somewhere - I just have to find it!
And..... the raggy pumpkin from EB! I LOVE THIS!! I am in love with raggy!! I also have an order for the raggy angel so I will get to do it and post a pic soon! This pumpkin is for my good friend who is matching a Boden orange cord skirt. I think it'll be cute!!
Tomorrow Jeff & I are headed to ATL for a very quick trip. I have the name of one fabric store I'm going to try to hit (InTown Quilters??) and other than that I'm going to shop wherever I end up. We are seriously persuing instant download for Applique Cafe at the moment and we are trying to figure out what the best software is and what it will take to get it up and running. I'm computer literate enough to do this blog and keep up with the website, but when it comes to programming you've lost me! HOPEFULLY we will get it up and running very soon. That will take the responsibility off of me of e-mailing designs out all day!!

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