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Monday, September 14, 2009

Another new design...

I've just added this new Christmas tree! In hindsight I should have done this one in "boy" colors since I did the other one in pink. Use your imagination!! This is a great tree for boys or girls! Simple like we like it - this one is 10 steps/stops!
Not much to report from our trip to Auburn. I saw the Rheumatologist (and it took forever) and basically all she did was examine me, ask me questions and then they took 7 tubes of blood!! You know you're in trouble with the Labcorp girl's eyes get real big as she is reading all the tests the Dr. ordered! Hopefully by the end of the week I'll hear from them! Afterwards we ate at Amsterdam, where I got on Jeff's Iphone to try to track down a fabric store in Auburn. We found one and drove there after lunch, only to find it was closed on Mondays!! :( Friday Jeff & I are going to Atlanta (Buford is where we're staying). I'm wondering what fabric stores I could hit over there?? We'll also be in Mableton Fri afternoon, then I'll be in Buford Sat. I've gotten tons of comments on Joanns and overall I'm excited! I've gotten mixed reviews, but I'm holding out hope that since it'll be a brand new store, it'll be GOOD!
I just heard Patrick Swayze passed away! So sad!! On a brighter note I'm excited to watch Jay Leno tonight!! We should have a couple more new designs to test later this week!

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SSS Creations said...

Hi from Atlanta. If you can make it to InTown Quilters you will just die. They have the best selection of cotton fabric in ATL. It is in Decatur/Tucker, but it is worth the drive. I know a couple of other fabric stores, but they are more decorator fabrics. Let me know if you would like those names.