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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Big Bad FLU!!

Well, I knew it was a matter of time before ONE OF US got the flu! Luckily (if I can say that?) it is not one of the kids. Jeff started having the symptoms Tues night and went to the Dr. yesterday. He started Tamiflu yest. but it still laid up in the bed ~ he's got it pretty bad!! I've been trying to keep the kids away and slept w/ the boys last night in G's room (which was interesting and lovely!!). Just praying it doesn't make the rounds!! Mallory has had a little cough this week and I didn't send her to school yesterday, but no fever and appears to be a tiny cold. She & G were to start school yesterday but I only sent G. HOPEFULLY they will all go tomorrow! Needless to say I am behind on work! I have one more AC design to sample, tons of monogramming to do and I finally got my consignment clothes ready last night to turn in today for the Children's Clothing Exchange! Anyway.... doin the best I can and trying not to go crazy!! :)

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Nana Jan said...

So sorry Jeff is sick! Both my husband and I had it last week and now both my granddaughters have it. Hopefully, no one else at your house will get it. When the children got it, my daughter's doctor called in Tamiflu for her and her husband to help prevent them from getting sick. Good Luck!