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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I heart Publix!

Here's a pic of M this morning before church in my flip flops!! They match her dress... sort of!? I think I reported already that she does have all her teeth! Her front one is a little crooked but that 2nd one that was missing IS THERE!!
I mentioned in a previous post about the swing tops from Walmart - I did this one to match some brown leggings - EB raggy flower - which is one of my favorite designs of all times! Since these shirts are gathered up top you either have to put a miniature something on the top part, or doing the applique on the bottom corner is an option. Last year's shirts had a little gathering, but not the separate top panel like this year. OK that may or may not have made sense...
And the newest Applique Cafe design just posted. I have another tree to do maybe tomorrow. This is another easy one - 8 steps. I almost took a pic minus the star with a bow on top, but I'm low on ribbon and didn't have anything that matched! I did some trees last year with a bow on top and they were cute and very popular, so I'll have to stock up on ribbon this week!
Jeff has been doing the grocery shopping lately so I have not even stepped foot in one in a long long time! Tonight I had the honor of going to Publix all by myself! We've been trying and Jeff is better at it than I am and can really save some cash! (CVS is my game) But, I was amazed at what you can get at Publix this week for only ONE DOLLAR (or less)!! Here is my short list of the things we eat and I bought:
Kraft macaroni & cheese - 69 cents!! for a box
Whitehouse apple juice - $1.40
GOLDFISH - $1.00!!!!!!!!!!! (any flavor)
Motts apple sauce $1.00 - the decent sized jar
Lender's blueberry bagels - $1.05
Hunts snak paks (pudding, jello - 4 pack) - $1.00
Philadelphia cream cheese (the tub - I buy strawberry to go w/ my bagels) - $1.00
Red grapes - $1.29/lb
Martha White blueberry muffin mix (just add milk people!!) - 80 cents
They had more stuff but I was only given $30 and actually spent $40. Great sales this week!
Tomorrow morning we're getting up at the crack of dawn to get everyone ready for school. We're taking B to school, the little ones to Gigi's for her to take/pick up from school while we venture over to Auburn to see the Rheumatologist my Dr. recommended months ago when I was sick. We're preparing for a 3 hour visit, will hopefully have time to catch lunch and head back for our flu shots, get the kids, etc. I'll report tomorrow if there is anything to report! I have felt fine since then, so I'm praying it is nothing!!
The sale technically ends tonight, but depending on how much time I have in the morning to "take it down", you might be able to take advantage tomorrow as well if I don't have time to end it before we leave!


Anonymous said...

3/8" ribbon is on sale at Michael's for $1!!! I just stocked up-this width is great for koorker bows also.

Keely said...

do you use an "under" fabric on the raggy applique's? And if so, what type of fabric?