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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 New Fabrics

The kids & I went to Hobby Lobby today to kill some time and I picked up these 2 fabrics. I thought the spider web might be cute in the "boo" applique as one of the letters. Underneath it is a deep red polka dot which had Roll Tide written all over it! I thought it would make a cute megaphone! I love Hobby Lobby and they do have some cute fabric (most of which I already have), but I wish they would get more new stuff in more regularly! I need to make a trip to a decent fabric store soon!!
The armyworms are STILL here!! Jeff is getting more spray today to hopefully get rid of them! Some of them died but there are still some meandering around the grass and driveway! I'm beginning to wonder about this house...
The Tutu backpack is sold! That leaves the Princess, Airplane and Train! Please e-mail me if you're interested!
And... I pray the Labor Day sale is going smoothly! I got confused last night as to whether or not everyone could see the sale who visited the website. I sort of wanted to do a blog/yahoo group exclusive sale since it is our first, and I think I figured it out! If you go to the site through the link, the sale prices will show. If you happen to go to the site the next day and just enter the web address, the prices may not show and in that case, you'd enter the code: labor2009 where it says "voucher" I think in your shopping cart! Hopefully it is all set up correctly! No e-mails yet and we have sold some designs at 25% off and it all went smoothly! We are still learning!!


Natalya said...

I dont know if you have ever gone into Kudzu or not but I can usually find some cute things in there. They have the Michael Miller Fabrics which I LOVE. Anyways just wanted to share.

Nana Jan said...

Hi-i tried to join the yahoo group, but the link takes me to a sign on for can you help?
thanks, jan