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Friday, September 4, 2009


Small improvements today! Jeff did take a shower, so we're headed in the right direction. He's back in the bed, but rest is good. Unfortunately I wasn't able to send G to school today - mostly coughing and sneezing and a lot of snot! No fever though as of yet! And then there is Browder... he's started a little runny nose last night after we played outside, but was OK this morning so he did go to school. By the time we picked Mallory up (who also went to school), he was complaining of a tummy ache. But, when we got home he did eat some lunch and has been lounging on the couch watching TV ever since. Again, no fever as of yet! I did call the PED office and they ARE open in the morning, so we may be there at some point tomorrow with one of these kids!!
Here is cute pic of G taken last night! Boys will go anywhere!!
And this was Mallory Wednesday - she was SUPPOSED to start school but I ended up keeping her with me due to a little cough. She was better today so I took her to school, but when she went down for nap one of her eyes was a little red and watery...
And here is Garrison Wednesday - his first day of REAL preschool! He's 3 now, so he really is learning stuff! Not that he didn't learn last year, but I think 3 is considered real preschool! You may be shocked to hear that as I rummaged through his drawers Wed morning to get him dressed, I realized 90% of his summer t-shirts were stained and not-for-public!! This is an old Ragsland smocked tee that Browder wore! A little big on G but it was the best I could come up with! I've got to make a trip to Kohls or somewhere and get him a few decent shirts to last him til it gets cool!!
And for embroidery news... I'm "working" today while everyone naps! It's like a ticking time bomb around here so I'm trying to get some work done while I'm able!! Who knows who will fall next, and when!! This is a cute patch I did for someone yesterday to match some shorts - sort of Auburn-ish! This is actually the patch from EB's sailboat patch (minus the sailboat) with EB's swirly applique font "M". I thought it was cute!! I can't tell you how many e-mails I get about patches!! Like the scallopped square patch is from Bunnycup minus a snowman, and the circle scallopped patch is also Bunnycup minus the button letter! SEW WHAT PRO people!!
And here is a shirt I did for a little guy who's stepdad is the coach at JD! A friend of mine had done the name curved around the side and I thought it was so cute!! Again, Sew What Pro!! I could not live without this program!!
Back to work! I hope everyone has a great long Labor Day weekend! The sale has been going great - lots of moms/grandmoms out there taking advantage of 25% off! I do have a girl ghost to test and will do so shortly and maybe have it listed later on. Jeff will have to send me all the sizes so it'll depend on his health!! Hopefully if we make it through the weekend we'll get back to work on some new stuff ASAP! HAPPY LABOR DAY!!

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Jennifer Fields said...

A clorox bleach pen is my best laundry friend. Mason's shirts would be pretty much disposable without that pen! Luckily a lot of his appliqued shirts are white and so far, the bleach hasn't effected the applique fabrics. It makes his shirts good as new. Even after spaghetti sauce!