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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Update!

A lot has happened!! Fri night was a bad night! Yesterday morning we took both boys to the Dr. and were there for 3 hours doing breathing treatments. Browder was admitted to the hospital yesterday and will HOPEFULLY get out tomorrow (Monday!). He tested positive for Type A Flu and his main problem has been respiratory! They are still doing breathing treatments and they finally removed the little oxygen tube from his nose today! Garrison has been at home taking tamiflu and steroids and Mallory & I continue to hang in there without catching this FLU!! It has been a total nightmare!! Jeff is finally feeling better and is at the hospital right now so I could come home and shower, catch up on e-mails and maybe rest a little!
When you hear of everyone around you catching the flu and the importance of washing your hands... DO IT! We've been dealing with this since Wednesday and it has been AWFUL! Anway, just a quick update and obviously this puts me WAY behind on any work! Bear with me!! :) (And say a prayer that Browder gets to come home tomorrow and that we rid our house of this awful virus!!)

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