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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dreamweave Anyone??

I went to Hobby Lobby today for some emergency spray adhesive. It is hard to find and is so expensive!! I had a 40% off coupon and luckily they had several bottles in stock! I like to buy it at 50% off at Hancocks but they never have it in stock! I actually bought a bottle online from Joann's, but who knows when it'll get here. They say don't use it, but I can't live without it! I use Sulky brand and it's very light and doesn't seem to gunk up my machine! I have a cardboard box I put whatever I'm spraying in, and spray it in there so the excess gunk doesn't end up on my floor!! Works for me! Anyway... they had several cute new fabrics (at 30% off) at Hobby Lobby so I couldn't resist. I'm a fabric addict! These 4 all sort of coordinate, so I HAD to get them! If nothing else they would be cute to use on burp cloths!
These 2 were just bright and cute so I couldn't resist them either! And... 1/4 yard is only $1.05!!
Lastly, I have some other fabric like this in different colors and thought it might be used for something! Again, fabric addict!!
The UPS man just hoisted this box on to my front porch. Seriously, I had the blinds open and he got close enough and then just threw it! Didn't even ring the doorbell to let me know I had a package!! I was expecting this box, but didn't realize it would be this big! I've been buying 3 yards of Floriani Dreamweave forever for like $30+ and found it online at - 25 yards for $89.99!!!!!! Free shipping! Dreamweave is the stuff that Carter's uses on the underside of their clothes when there is embroidery or applique. Go look at your child's Carter's PJ's - you'll probably find some. I use it on the underside of my stuff as well! It does seem to eventually peel off in the wash (even on my Carter's things), but it's nice to have and covers the threads and is smooth to the skin, so I buy it!
This bolt ought to last me for the next year!
Off to work! My organizational skills were great last week but I'm still way behind! As of now I'm trying to hold all Christmas stuff til later on, so keep that in mind! I still have Halloween shirts to do and Wed is October 1!! I've even told several people who have e-mailed me that they might want to check back with me in a few weeks, or just know it may be a while! Unfortunately I am a one man show with 3 kids and a husband. Flattered by all the business but just wish I could sub some of this out!!


Staci said...

Completely understand!!! I've been so overwhelmed I put a hold on orders!
It is hard juggling 3 kids (can we include our husbands and just say 4?), everyday life and embroidery!
Wow! - But grateful for the business!

Megan said...

Hey Rosemary! This is a tip from one of those embroidery shows on PBS, use white washable glue stick instead of spray adhesive. I know it sounds terrible, and most "embroidery ladies" would die to hear me admit it, but I do it all the time. It works great and saves me money! I have never had a problem with it ever! I just rub a thin layer of it on my stabelizer, place it inside my T., iron, then hoop. I think the ironing helps it dry out a bit. If you try it, let me know what you think!