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Friday, September 11, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

This time last week I was knee deep in the flu and fevers and not much fun! Thankfully we are all well and back to what we call normal! Mallory's swollen gums have receded too and she does have all of her teeth! YEAH!! Hopefully last week was enough "trials" for our family for a while! Only by the grace of GOD did I not catch the flu, and Jeff & I are both getting flu shots on Monday (after my 3 hour Rheumatologist appt. in Auburn).
I got just a few new fabrics today. I was looking for Christmas but instead found these, which could technically be used for girls for Christmas depending on the design! I did pink & green trees last year and they were cute! These are from Kudzu for all of you M'gomery people. I was surprised the only Christmas they had was from last year and on the clearance rack? I had a red/mossy green/cream or white stripe in mind but didn't find it! :(
And... 2 new designs listed tonight on Applique Cafe! These are both super simple! Stocking is 8 stops and the Reindeer is 7. We like to cut it down to the least amount of steps as possible!! There is nothing like a 26 step design to make you go AGGGHHHH!!!! This stocking has plenty of room for an initial, all initials or a name! You could also add a bow to the corner by the hanging loop! AND... you could attach a REAL pom pom to the toe!!
This "flying" reindeer (dare I say Rudolph?) I did on a sz 4 white long sleeve tee, so it is for sale and is ready to add a RED name underneath!! P.S. Applique Cafe 25% off sale ends Sunday!!
There is a clothing line called Sweet Tea based in Montgomery (I think). They are having a sample sale at My Kids Attic til the 19th. Most fall items are 50% off and they also have some summer stuff for dirt cheap! I got a pair of lined gingham shorts for $5 and a PRECIOUS pair of cowboy pants with cord knee pads for $8!! I got green cord pants and green "alien/spaceship" pants for G for $15/each. SO CUTE!! Mallory got a few things too!
I doubled down on bible studies this week and my Friday study is kicking my booty!! It is SO GOOD and SO CONVICTING!!!!! Both times we've met I sit there and listen and think "GUILTY" "That's ME!"!! Today we were told of 6 nonverbal ways to show your husband that you admire him and that he is important to you. Since most (not all) embroidery people are moms/wives, I thought I would post these for us to ponder...
1. Be attentive to his concerns when he comes home after work.
2. Look as attractive as possible when he comes home. (Um... Tuesday I stayed in my t-shirt/shorts I slept in Monday night - no bra!! ALL DAY. No makeup and a horrible pony tail)
3. Prepare appetizing meals. (What? I'm supposed to THINK ABOUT dinner before 6:30?)
4. Show interest in his world outside of your home. (You mean he doesn't want to hear how bad the kids were the second he walks in the door?)
5. Listen attentively by focusing your eyes on him. (Does that mean I need to get my nose out of Facebook and e-mail when he comes in, sits down and talks to me?)
6. Learn to be sensible about your expectations of your husband. (Darn!! I guess I shouldn't expect him to paint the kitchen because I'm tired of yellow!!)


Addie said...

Is that a Rabbit Skins size 4 or another brand? do you think Ben could fit into it?

Karen said...

AMEN SISTA re:the Friday bible study. I have had to apoligize the past 2 Friday's!!!!!!