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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I do not heart computers!!

A few new designs being listed tonight ~ square patch to go along with the circle and rectangle (comes in satin, vintage and zig zag). This was part of the custom work we did for a new clothing line out of Louisiana and since this is a generic design, we are able to go ahead and sell it! Patches are fabulous for COVERING UP monograms, etc. If you have Sew What Pro (or another merge program) you can also merge in other applique designs in to the patch!
And since I am a golf widow every Friday afternoon, a golf green in 6 easy steps!
Finally, a diamond shaped patch shown below shown with just initials and also with the Cheri applique G just to give you an idea of how this patch could be used. I did the G/diamond patch on a blue Garanimals tee from Walmart for Garrison to match some red gingham pants!

I have been having computer issues lately and it's driving me crazy! Today I deleted Internet Explorer 8 and my Google toolbar and replaced it with IE 7 and Yahoo search. It's doing a little better. I've heard of other people having issues too, so I'm not sure what is going on!? I "googled" the error message I kept getting and saw that there may be issues with Google Chrome (?) and Jeff's work computer guys said there are some issues with IE8. I feel like I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME in front of a computer and when I get error messages or it takes forever it makes me crazy!!
I have sooooooooooooooooo much work to do. It has all hit at once! My current turnaround time is a week to 2 weeks and I expect it to stay this way (or get worse) til Christmas. If I have stuff of yours and you're thinking I've forgotten you, just shoot me an e-mail and I can tell you where I am!


Staci said...

Cute designs! I know within a week things have gotten crazy here also! Glad you all are all feeling better - my mid. one had a fever today....just praying it is not the start of something at my house!

Anonymous said...

After looking at these new designs I will have mor ecoming sooner rather than later. Tate will love the "super man" T! Did you get the blue T at the store? I had to order all of mine online b/c they didn't have Tate's size in the store.

Anonymous said...

hey rm,
what font fid you use on the square patch (BRG)? also, do you have the leather fabric you used on cowboy boot #1 or do I need to get some?