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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rainy Saturday

We're going to a wedding (reception) tonight - I hope the rain stops!! My crazy husband is playing golf in the rain!? I just called to make sure he was playing and not sitting under a tree (while I'm at home w/ all the kids) I bet he'll smell good when he gets home. I ordered my photos today and am so excited! Of course I ordered more than I should. I think I'm in the wrong business!! Got a new iron today at Target. Seeing as though my other one had "R. Wise" written on it w/ a sharpie, I think it was time! My next upgrade is going to be a toaster oven. The one I have my grandmother bought me when I lived on my own as a single gal. She passed away before I got married! I'm sure it's a fire hazard. Other than Target, and getting a little hair cut, I've gotten nothing accomplished today!! Guess I'll sew tomorrow after church. I have A LOT to do.

By the way, I stopped by a gas station today and there was a girl there making pizza. Lots of gas stations advertise & sell pizza (and other food). I didn't think anything about it until she walked over and checked me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is she making pizza AND handling a cash register and everyone's money?? I didn't notice any gloves (Jeff's first question). She was making pizza, then took 3 steps and rang me up. I'm sure that's the case at lots of gas stations regarding food, but it kinda grossed me out! Hopefully there are gloves, or hand sanitizer, or soap & water involved.

Here are a couple of pics from this morning. Browder took some of them!

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