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Monday, July 28, 2008


I got repremanded for putting the pic of Jeff on the blog so I deleted it (Facebook too - shh). I thought it was cute. He did not. I've been a sewing freak today! Last week I was sluggish so I'm trying to get completely caught up so I can tend to my filthy house and projects!! Since B has been sleeping on G's floor the entire summer, and since we won't be buying another bed anytime soon (due to my photo order), I've decided to put B's bed in G's room and make B's room a playroom. Of course when I informed him of my idea, he asked if I was doing this TODAY!! Eventually we'll get another bed just to have an extra in case someone gets sick, etc. But until then, this will save me some painting and redecorating for a while. Plus I have like 15 paintings by Browder and now I can just put them in the playroom!

I did a new train today! Very cute!! I have a lot of designs (lots of boy stuff) I haven't sewn. I also did bedding and towels today for a girl going away to Auburn... kinda made me wish I was setting up in a dorm room! I never even lived in a dorm but the college part sounded like fun!

I'm SO looking forward to a girls weekend coming up. My bunko group usually goes to the beach each August, but this year that kinda fell thru so we're headed to Biloxi! No, not on a drinking gambling partying binge... one of the girls (who happens to be pregnant) is from there so we're going to go lay by the pool and relax and eat some good food!! YEAH!! There are 6 of us going and I can barely wait!!

I know some of you have been wondering... Garrison has not pooped in the potty again! :( He's tried a couple of times but I guess that was a big fat fluke!! I'm sure B was this way, but this little 2 year old is HILARIOUS!! We're working on "please", but he has "thank you" and "welcome" down pat and can (almost audibly) sing his ABC's. He can repeat anything and yesterday on the way home from church B yelled out "HEY G!" and he said "NO TALKING!!".

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