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Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday post-tube riding

I think I was in a car accident this weekend? Oh, no, I remember .... I rode that #@*& tube again! It is so much fun, but I keep returning home needing to call 261-PAIN b/c I have whiplash and need a chiropractor. We had a great weekend on the lake! It was an annual Trinity reunion (for Jeff) of sorts w/ 5 couples, so 10 adults and 10 KIDS!! And a couple of kids were left at home!! We had a house and a boat FULL! I WISH I had a picture of us on the boat yesterday - in the middle of the lake in pouring down rain with 20 people trying to stand under the little canopy. Did I mention the boat capacity is 13? Anyway, good friends, good food, good times!

Today is that last day of my antibiotic, thank GOODNESS! The more I've taken it the more it makes my mouth taste like I haven't brushed my teeth in 3 weeks (which isn't the case!) I need to read the indications again and see if it states that a side effect is making your mouth taste like you've been eating cat food.

One fun thing about the weekend for me was seeing all the kids in t-shirts that I monogrammed or appliqued! I buy designs a lot from They have a new design set that is very cute - check it out: These are all thread, but cute cute animals. Looks like I need to find a megaphone and some cute applique letters. I'll try to "shop" this week. W/ Fall coming I'm sure everyone will be coming out w/ new designs.

Time to go wash the pile of clothes from the weekend and have Browder walk on my back!!

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