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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Girls weekend

I got all caught up this week except for a few towels! I had to order more ORANGE & NAVY thread (war eagle towels). I have been in full force clean out mode. I don't know where all the junk comes from! My project for next week is the kids clothes. I have about 6 tubs of clothes & shoes (piled in the dining room) to sort in to Garrison fall, Garrison next year, Browder fall, B next year, Consign Now, Consign Spring, Throw Away, Salvation Army... More clothes than they could wear in a year I think. I can finally get rid of some of it since we won't be having any more baby boys!

Poor Mallory has her first little cold! She has had a sniffle here & there, but now has the gunky eye and you can just tell she didn't feel well today! Luckily I have drops for her eye and have given her a little tylenol. I'm hoping she'll be better tomorrow. I'm headed out at 1:00 for my girls weekend. YEAH!! Jeff has been out of town this week (something involving a lot of golf for work??) and will get home sometime after I leave tomorrow afternoon. Other than the toilet overflowing from Garrison stuffing it w/ TP the other night, our only other incident was B getting a spanking tonight for hitting G in the head w/ a Wiggles VCR tape case. He thought it was "funny". The spanking... not so funny! After a heart to heart, apologies and a prayer to Jesus he is asleep in my bed. So glad I moved his bed into Garrison's room...

Last day of art camp tomorrow for Browder. He has painted the most precious ice cream cones, a robot and a car. Oh, and a bug!! Today was G's last day of school. I've got a few weeks w/ all 3 til school starts. I'll be sure to meditate about it by the pool all day Saturday!

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