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Monday, July 7, 2008


We had a great time at the Lake (Martin). Came home Sat w/ the crud (and a sore fanny from riding the tube)!! Anyway, I took some pics on the 4th at Chimney Rock. OH MY!! I have never seen so many boats, beer drinking & bikinis in my life, and we used to frequent CR in our single days. We saw some pole dancing, yes you read that right, pole dancing on a boat. Wouldn't their mommies be proud? I bet there were 75 boats tied together and 75 more scattered around. Of course we rode thru w/ 5 kids - not so cool! (This photo doesn't do it justice!)

I went to the Dollar Tree Thurs. morning and had 3 items. Of course there was ONE register open and a line 9 people deep. There was a lady 2nd in line w/a buggy full (overflowing, piled up, etc.). She had the nerve to tell me & #3 in line that she WOULD let us go in front of her, but she's in hurry and late!? You've spent no telling how long walking the aisles of the Dollar Tree filling your buggy, 93% of which you don't even need. You're just buying it b/c it's a dollar. and you can't let me go ahead and check out w/ my 3 items b/c you're in a HURRY?????? I did what my mom would do - I left my stuff on top of the stuff by the register and went to Walmart where they had TWO registers open. My mom is the person who will pick up a pair of shoes, talk herself out of them and stick them on the shelf w/ the bread.

I have lots of sewing to do this week! I also plan to organize my designs on the computer and try to get ready for fall! We're headed back to the lake on Friday!!

Last night B wanted G to sleep in his bed w/ him, giving him a rest from the floor! That lasted about 4 minutes. After getting down 5 times and me tripping over him once, G went back to the crib and B went back to the floor....

3 hours of Bachelorette tonight...

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The Brown Family said...

so glad your back to blogging! i have missed your stories!! 3 hours of bachelorette tonight! who hou ( i have no idea how to spell that :)