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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Full Day

I'm such a homebody. I love to stay at home, especially when it's 118 degrees. Even my "remote control crank" of the car (before we get in) doesn't help much in this heat. G thinks my car is a movie theater and wants to "watch Cars" every single time we get in it. Plus everyone wants a wipe, crocs are flying through the air... Today I blew it out and we went OUT!! First I took (all 3 of) them to Looney's Skating Rink. On Wednesdays they have a free for all. Kids take riding toys w/ 3+ wheels and ride wild. After that we came home, ate a quick lunch and all 4 of us took a quick nap! At 2:30 we were off to Pump it Up to a b-day party. Again, B & G ran wild - even G went down the slide (or should I say B threw him down a couple of times)!! When we got home we really got a wild hair and went to Wynlakes to family night at the pool! Unfortunately there was a poo incident earlier in the day so the pool didn't open til 6:45. Thank goodness for slushies! B swam across the pool about 8 times, then moved on to the slide! I think he went down 15 times. His poor eyes are burning from the overhaul of chlorine but I'm thinking he might sleep til Friday!!

So far my "readers?" (all 6 of you) want a football & applique letters the most. I'll try to find some funky letters. I'm surprised no one has voted owl - they seem to be "in" right now!? Jeff & I have 2 computers. I have had designs on both b/c this one has internet access so when I buy them, they get downloaded here and I move them when I need them via a disk. Yesterday I burned some CD's and moved them all to my sewing computer and got semi-organized. I have more designs than I'll ever sew or ever be able to show on this blog! So, if you are looking for anything in particular, just ask!

I do have a football. I had a football w/ a goal last year but the last 2 times I did it the stitching messed up. But I do have just a plain football, and also have a miniature football for the babes!
I also have single letters w/ designs around them - one has polka dots and a turtle, one has tigers (pic on blog, but w/ name), one has a gymnastics girl & balance beam, and I also have a letter between 2 candy corns (halloween). I have just about all the "boy toys" (airplane, trucks, train, etc.). I have some pumpkins for Halloween, a couple of turkeys for T'giving and plenty of Christmas designs! I have the tiger paw for Auburn - need to get an elephant for AL I guess (shhh don't tell Jeff). Like I said, if you are looking for something, please e-mail me. I tried to add "other, e-mail me" to the poll but it wouldn't let me after someone voted.

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