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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Part two

Here are my cookies! Also, B's fort/clubhouse/bedroom/mess. Princess Mallory (it's so hard to be her!). And... I got a call today asking if I could do hats, so I tried G's little visor & hat and it worked!! We just had to rescue Browder. Somehow, and for some reason, he was under G's crib and his leg got trapped!! We have a plastic tub jammed under there b/c the bedframe is sagging from them jumping in the bed (another photo for another day). The tub props up the frame/mattress. I think he must have gotten his leg between the tub and the frame and didn't count on G standing on that part of the mattress! Jeff & I could not help but laugh b/c G was just standing there clueless while B was screaming bloody murder. I don't think he'll be trying that again!!

A.H. thanks for the pizza - that was my only real meal for the day! Also, anyone who has chocolate chip cake made EVERY time Jeff comes over is more Martha Stewart than I'll ever be!! I just had a sliver for my bedtime snack!

OHHHHHHHHHH... I forgot to mention that I made the chicken salad by boiling a WHOLE CHICKEN... never done that before!! I was a little gaggy when I was washing it and stuff was falling out of it. Right now at 10:00 I cannot think of anything much grosser and creepier than handling a cold, rubbery whole chicken. I did it and it was equally creepy to pick the meat off when it was done, but whole chickens are cheap. With the price of gas, milk, 2 in diapers and Nutramigen we gots to save every penny we can!

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