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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I think I've recovered from the lake. We ventured out today and went to the Wynlakes pool. M went to sitter service, B is pretty much self sufficient now, so I just had to make sure G didn't drown!! I put the wrong swim trunks on them - they are super cute Bailey Boys gingham cotton matchy matchy, but didn't slide so well for Browder. It took him 10 minutes to get down the first time and the second time he got turned around and came down on his back, head first, which scared him in to not wanting to slide anymore!! Note to self: wear the Target swim trunks!!

I got an e-mail from Kelly's Kids today and need to go look again at their Fall stuff. The site was super slow so I gave up. I love looking at the clothes to get ideas and see how they use fabrics!! It's hard to think outside the box but I love seeing different colors than expected for animals! KK has some stuff w/ a green & blue giraffe on it (not yellow like you'd expect). Cute!! I think Ragsland has some elephants in pink or blue too. KK also has applique names, which I will be able to do when I get my fancy software hopefully for my b-day!

I set my TIVO to record Big Brother the other night, but I think I've decided to forego BB and not have a show right now! Keeping up with The Young & Restless is about all I can handle after The Bachelorette (which by the way they have their own website now!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of name is Csincsak?

We are doing a mini session w/ Grace Photography tomorrow. Be praying for us at 10:00. We have 20 minutes to get 3 kids to cooperate!!

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