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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Out of business!?

I was riding down ATL Hwy this morning and noticed U Name It appeared to have a "for lease" sign in the window. I kept going and went to Hancocks to buy some duster, and decided to ride back by to see if I was looking at the wrong store. I poked my head in the store next door and asked if they were out of business and she said yes! I thought maybe they had just moved? I swear a friend of mine just got some pillows done there recently (too big for me to do). I liked the guy who worked there. It scared me a little the first time I went in there and he took me to the back of the store behind the curtain, but he was very nice about showing you fonts on the computer and even showed me his machines & hoops one time. After that first visit I just counted on spending 30 minutes there b/c he'd talk and talk and talk.... Anyway, not sure what happened? They were a little pricey ($12/monogram last time I was in there) but did good work and I always recommended them if someone brought me something I couldn't do!

I'm contemplating getting some fancy design software for my b-day coming up in Sept. Need to call and get the scoop and find out if it does what I think it does - MERGE!! If it does, I can buy diff fonts (not just ones for my current software) and merge designs. I think I could also digitize, meaning I could scan stuff in and digitize it so that my machine could sew it. (Logos, etc) We'll see!

My $60 antibiotic is working slowly!! I thought I'd be 100% by now but am not. Better go feed M and watch TYR!!

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