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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Counting down...

Here are a couple of shirts I did this week that I thought were cute! Brown cord used for the EB cowboy boot!
Football patch shown with War Eagle instead of Roll Tide!

New design just listed! You can actually use 3 fabrics on this - 3rd one being the bottom strip if you like!
I'm up to 6 members (including myself) in my Yahoo group! If you do the yahoo group thing, look me up (link is up top)! On another note, I'm headed to the beach this weekend with my bunko group and am a tad bit excited! Jeff will be home with the kids. Mallory has been a lot better the past 2 days so I'm sure Jeff will do fine with them! She was ill as a hornet for a day or two which had me a little concerned! She has her 18 mo checkup in the morning. It's actually her 15 mo too since I totally missed it.
BTW, Jeff has called a Board meeting for tomorrow night to go over applique sales! I've showed him how easy it is to e-mail them so hopefully everyone will receive them in a timely manner!
I'm sure I'll receive a phone call or two while lounging by the pool!

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