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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newest designs

Here are a couple of new AC designs! This simple fish was actually a custom applique we did for someone to go with some fabric she had. Originally we did it exclusively for her but then she decided we could sell it too! We have several new designs to do for this customer this week and are able to sell them, so we'll be listing them as we go!
I just sampled this "sports car" and will have it listed this afternoon when Jeff can send me the other sizes. The airplane has been a great seller so we wanted to try out a sports car too! Garrison is racking up on t-shirts for the fall! I like to sample with names to show people that adding a name or initials or something can add so much to a design, so he is reaping the benefits!!
I feel like we've been doing a lot of boy designs! I need to come up with some girly stuff for Mallory! We also have a cute turkey in the works so I'm excited about that! If only there were more time in the day and we didn't have to get up early to go to work and take kids to school...
I'm LOVING school!! Getting up at 6:15 3 days a week is really not that bad and I've enjoyed spending that time w/ Browder in the mornings!! I basically wake the other 2 up at 7 and throw them in the car w/ a bag of cheerios. We're home well before 8 so I feel like I'm getting a lot done! Again... I am so thankful I only have to do it on MWF! That gives us Tues & Thurs for homework and I get to spend those days with all 3 kids (and sleep late)! Other than Browder telling his teacher on Monday that "we don't go to church much", everything is going great and he LOVES his school! Why in the world would he say that? I was mortified and laughing at the same time! We HAVE been at the lake and beach a few weekends lately so I guess to a 6 yr old that feels like not going to church much! BaHaHaHa!! :) There is no telling what those kids say at school!!

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