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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Loved these!!

I finally just finished some shirts for a friend for her girly niece, and I thought these 2 turned out cute! That is the best striped girl fabric EVER!! Both Faded Glory tees from Walmart.
I'm mentally exhausted and heading to bed!! I'm having tension issues with BOTH of my machines. One is working adequately while the other one is just a mess! I need both of them to run smoothly, like NOW, yesterday, etc., so I may try to take one down to SHS tomorrow and see if they can make a simple adjustment and fix the problem! If I have to leave it I might not see it for a month! Or there is a Brother fix it sewing place in Andalusia - road trip?? Unfortunately school is about to start for B so I'm not sure how I could squeeze that one in! Keeping my fingers crossed...
Jeff did one more Halloween design - will test tomorrow. I'm daydreaming about a pedicure tomorrow or Saturday? 45 minutes of peace and relaxation?? Thanks to my SB gold card, I got coupons in the mail today for a free Vivanno and 2 at 50% off! Woo Hoo! The scary part is that my MAILMAN accidentally dropped the card on the ground and the coupons have tire tracks on them! Does he/she not know the importance of Starbucks mail??

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