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Monday, August 17, 2009

We made it!

Today was B's first real day of Kindergarten, meaning we had to be there by 7:40, meaning we had to be in the car pulling out of my driveway at 7:10, meaning I had to wake B up at 6:30 and make sure he got dressed and was fed, meaning I had to wake the other 2 up and throw them in the car in their PJs and a bag of Cherrios! We made it! We were even a little early!
Garrison was none too happy about being woken up! He is usually my early riser, but we spent yesterday traveling and at the lake so he was TIRED, and ILL! Mallory was fine for the car ride to school, but by 8:30 I had to put her down for a morning nap b/c she was so ill. We've all eaten lunch and will leave shortly to go pick B up! I'm glad we only have to do this on Mon, Wed & Fri!!
I got my machines back yesterday and am SO PLEASED!! My machine #2 is purring like a kitten! I haven't unwrapped the other one, but it only had a slight tension issue so I'm pretty sure it is fine! I can't say enough about Steve with Southeast Sewing ( They have a showroom in Atlanta and are opening up a store in West Point, GA which is a short drive from Montgomery! They plan to open in a few weeks hopefully so I plan to ride over when they do and check it out! I have Brother machines and found him on the Brother USA website under their list of authorized service centers. Not only did he meet me last week to get my machines (before the West Point store has even opened), and not only did he have them fixed in a few days, he met me & Jeff in Auburn yesterday between church and lunch to get them back to me!! We literally met in the Zaxby's parking lot! I don't know if you can get any better service than that!! And... I was seriously holding my breath about what kind of a bill I might get and it was totally reasonable and way less than I thought! What a relief to have my machines back and know where to go now to have them fixed!! I'll report more when the WP store opens, but in the meantime check out! They sell tons of embroidery supplies and before all this I hadn't even heard of this site!! I highly recommend them for machine repair too if you're in the area! I have their phone # and e-mail address too if you want further info, e-mail me and I'll pass it along!
Newest design I finally got to sample today on a shirt for Garrison!! I used brown felt for the football and it turned out cute! I have 2 more to sample sometime today, so they will hopefully be on and Etsy later today! We're still listing stuff on Etsy but prefer purchases be made at the new website! THANKS!

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chelle said...

Very cute designs I found your link from another blogger. I am new to blogging but have started one myself I don't really sew for the public since my 4 granddaughters have been keeping me so busy. But it was fun to learn of a Alabama-Aubie seamstress. Hope you get your instant download up and going soon, I think this is the best part to me about purchasing designs online. Also I was curious where you purchase your t shirts, I looked this weekend at Wally world and Target and it doesn't lool like they are going to carry the ones they had last year.