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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just listed!

Here is the spider I just listed on Etsy. It has been fun making up names to go with these samples!! I figure they can't all say Mallory or Browder and Garrison is a bit long! We are rockin and rollin here at the Gulledge house! I think I may be monogramming backpacks in my sleep tonight! A few minutes ago someone knocked on the front door and Browder yelled "Another backpack Mommy!!!!!!!".
I was just looking at this picture and imagining a girly curly name, and attaching a tiny bow (ribbon) to spidey's head!! I may have to do a bib or something for Sissy just to try that out! We have one more Halloween idea that someone sent us and MAYBE Jeff can work on it tonight! I also want to do something involving football - not exactly sure what yet!
I've been loading these designs on the website as we list them on Etsy. Our goal is that when the website is ready we can offer instant download - we've got to do our research on that. E-mailing designs is a little time consuming. Props to everyone for including their format type when they buy a design!! But, the other confusing thing is that I'd say half the people that buy designs have one e-mail address for Etsy and then another one for Paypal! Not that I'm complaining but it has been a little crazy!! Anyway, my web template (the pretty background) is supposed to be loaded Monday. I'm sure it'll take us a day or two to make sure everything is working properly and might even hold off until we can get the instant download added on too! Stay tuned...

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