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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few items for sale...

I still have a couple of Stephen Joseph backpacks. I've also ordered 5 more for the end of August delivery and have sold one of those already, so these 2 below plus 4 more coming soon! Is that confusing enough? The price for these which includes a name or initials is $26, plus shipping if I have to mail it to you! I'm pretty sure you can buy these in stores for about $28, then pay $7 for a monogram so you're looking at $26 vs. at least $35!! What a deal, huh??

I may have mentioned before that I sampled this football design on a long sleeve size 5/6 t-shirt and will sell it for $15 if anyone is interested! We don't allow Alabama attire in our house so it's got to go! HA (just kidding).
We've done 2 more "football" designs already from a friend of a friend who is very talented and artistic (she did elephant #2), but since my machines are in another state, I can't sample or take pics or list them just yet! They are both really really cute, I promise, so keep checking for those on the website!
Speaking of websites, Jeff has been bugging me (hi, Jeff) about putting a counter on it. A) I couldn't find one that "matched" our cute website and B) I couldn't figure out how to install it. I finally found instructions and tried to install it, and next thing I know there is no color on all of the pages after the home page. You can imagine my panic!! I'm not sure how, but I managed to fix it and unfortunately he's going to have to survive without seeing how many people look at the website! There is a stats page for that if we can decipher what it says!
No word from my machines yet! It has been lonely without them! But... Browder starts Kind. Friday so we've been preoccupied with Open House and all that this week anyway. We're so excited about this school year! I have had so much fun looking at everyone's "back to school" pics on Facebook this week!
One last thing... we heard about a cool website this week from a friend, and I have to say I'm intrigued and started reading up on it this morning! It's called and it's all about coupons and shopping and SAVING $$! So far I've read about "CVS-ing" which is very interesting!! Check it out!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE I save at least 1/3 of my bill every time I go to the grocery story, and we're fairly picky about brands. CVSing is the best!

Keely said...

I can't wait to see the new "football" designs! My husband works in the "football business" so I'm especially partial to them for my little boy!

Mommy and Daddy said...

is one of the new football designs by chance have a goal post... i have been looking for a football with goal post if you make one or come across one.