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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Good news bad news... The good news is that WE THINK the new website is working so we've decided to get the name out there (! The bad news is that we don't have instant download ready yet, but we hope to get it set up as soon as possible! I have the manual but need a japanese translator to read all of the techie language. I bought a design from myself to test the credit card payment method and we had a friend buy a design too to test the Paypal payment method. It all seemed to go flawlessly, and since Etsy is gorging us to death on fees, we decided to go ahead and get the word out! We will still keep our designs on Etsy since we're getting decent traffic there, but hope to see that die down and get more traffic on the website. I'm not exactly looking forward to managing sales from 2 sites! I have also gone over the site and every word 8 times with a fine tooth comb, but I'm sure I will see and catch things and make adjustments here & there where needed! We welcome any and all feedback and just hope to get cranking on more and more new designs every week!
Thank you for any and every purchase!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Yippee! Just checked out the cute! Can't wait to place some orders.