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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New design on Etsy

We're (very quickly) trying to think FALL and BACK TO SCHOOL (which we may be late on the latter since ours starts next week)! Here is a crayon just put on Etsy. A friend sent this idea to me so we got out Browder's crayons and came up with this ~ you could merge or group 2 or 3 together. If 3, put initials in each crayon. Or for the 5x7 you might be able to fit a school name or acronym inside! Lots of options for this one!

This pic is kind of 2 ideas in 1. Initial inside the crayon, or tilt the crayon with the name (MWP kid block font used). Jeff is also working on a spider for Halloween and maybe I'll get to test it tomorrow.
Hopefully we can "catch up" with seasonal designs at some point. We're sort of starting this at the same time people are planning fall wardrobes!
It has been a busy week! I put this on Facebook, but have to put it here too. Last night at dinner Garrison was sitting at the bar while Jeff & I sat at the table. He turned around to us and said "This is ris-tus-king!!!". I thought I was going to fall out on the floor! Jeff spent the night before painstakingly preparing chicken divan for our dinner and G calls it DISGUSTING!! It was too funny - I had him repeat that word 5 times so I could get the spelling right! KIDS!!

1 comment:

Staci said...

LOVE IT!!!! I really like how it is writing the name! Going to get it soon so I don't deviate from what I need to finish!