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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gobble Gobble

New turkey design - will list it tomorrow! Jeff is still working on converting to all the formats and sizes. He also squeezed in a cute tiara design so I'll sew it out tomorrow!! It's not Holiday related but I'm low on girl stuff!
This shirt, the War Eagle football helmet shirt and the Roll Tide football patch shirts are all Rabbit Skins long sleeve 5/6's and they are "samples". Other than the Roll Tide shirt, Garrison will inherit them if I don't sell them by football season,Thanksgiving, etc!! Please e-mail me if you're interested! Rabbit Skins runs small - G is only 3 but is sort of in between a 4T and 5/6 if that helps!! I have a bunch, so I'll continue to do sample tees when I can! BTW, I was at Walmart today and the long sleeve toddler tees (boys) were slim pickins, but I did get G a pretty blue and a pretty green color (which will be PERFECT for a pumpkin!). The toddler girl tees (Garanimals) are like trapeze shirts (if that's what you call them?). They have a flat space up top and are then gathered and "full". You can, however, put an applique or design in the bottom corner and I think that would be cute!
It has been a long day so I'm headed to bed! I lose myself in this computer sometimes...

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